An eclectic bunch of songs and sketches.

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So Long

Feb 2021. The obligatory Covid song.

Tiny Hands

Feb 2021. Daft indie pop.

On a Sunday

Feb 2021. Weekend folk.

Eat the Mushroom

Feb 2020. Mario having a mid-life crisis. A chiptune tango.

Empty Wind

June 2017. Folk song for the lean times.

River to Dry

Feb 2016. Stompy banjo blues.

The Ends of the Earth

Feb 2016. Space folk.


Dec 2015. Christmas down under.

Cerebellum, Baby

Oct 2015. Halloween zombie-pop.


June 2015. Ambling folk-pop.

My First Regret

Feb 2015. Random sample from FAWM 2015.

The Mermaid Call

Oct 2014. Psychedelic folk.

John, Put the Paperweight Down

Feb 2014. Random sample from FAWM 2014.


Nov 2013. Gospel dub blues.

Poor Little Bully

Nov 2013. Bouncy synth pop.

(I Don't Want to) Marry You

June 2013. Pop versus matrimony.

More or Less

Feb 2013. Random sample from FAWM 2013.

Cover Your Eyes

June 2012. A little waltz.

Mi Querida Ladrona

Nov 2011. No hablo español, but that's not going to stop me.

Eat Yourself

March 2011. The world's problems solved.


Feb 2011. Random sample from FAWM 2011.